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Tiara Gold Multi Premium Anti-Aging

Snail Aloe Moisture Cream

This is designed especially for protecting epidermis and dermis from environment harm, moisturize and maintain skin at best condition, owing to following ingredients contains in this cream..

Green Tea Leaf Extract has been used for anti-toxic purpose for long time of human history.Catethine and Polyphenol contained in Green Tea Leaf is effective for protecting skin from harmful active oxygen.Snail Mucus is known effective for curing injury and maintains epidermis and dermis healthy, as it contains Allatoin, Protein, various Vitamin and Collagen and Ellastin.
Aloe Leaf Extract is effective for treating Ulcer, inflammation, anti-bacteria and anti-mold, mainly owing to Lignin, Saponin and Anthraquinon contained in Aloe Leaf.Collagen and Elastin is important for anti-aging of dermis, as they compose 70% of dermis

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Tiara Gold Multi Premium Anti-Aging

BB Cream

This is designed to protect sensitive skin from harmful environment, such as strong sun ray, ultraviolet ray(spf 50+/pa+++), active oxygen and ozone and to help cells grow fast in dermis and epidermis, to spread evenly and cover up blemishes on skin in uniform color without any prior treatment on them.Adenosine is major ingredient and helps cells of dermis to grow actively and eventually repair and maintain dermis and epidermis healthy.Hyaluronic Acid keeps moisture within cells so that the skin is soft and vivid.
Portulaca Oleracea Extract is effective for anti-irritation and moisturizing. 

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Tiara Gold Multi Premium Anti-Aging
24k Gold Gel Mask

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1.It gives elasticity to saggy skin !! Collagen


2. It moisturizes dry skin !! Sodium hyaluronate


3. Keeps your skin alive like newly opened flower !! Soy placenta


4. whitens and brightens tired and blemished skin !! Arbutin


5. Makes skin smooth like baby skin !! Snail mucus extract


6. It calms and refreshes sensitive skin !! 7berrycomplex


7. Soothes and keeps moist !! Aloevera yapraz extract


8. Gives shine like gold! 24K GOLD 

Tiara Gold Multi Premium Anti-Aging
Collagen Skin Toner

Hydrolyzed collagen and sodium hyaluronate make your skin moist and supple. Silkworm extract, extract gold, ginseng extract, and royal jelly extract makes it skin silky and wet.   Hydrolyzed Collagen 90% of the skin is the dermal layer. Collagen It is the largest part of the dermis. Represents more than 70% of proteins of the skin and acts as an adhesive between the cells and the cells of the body. The amount of collagen produced by the skin itself gradually decreases when he is over 20 years old. Therefore, they have created wrinkles, blemishes and black spots and the elasticity. Collagen is a component obtained by hydrolysis of fish collagen. Is a light protein contained in connective tissues,like bones, cartilage and tendons in the animals. Because it produces tissue cells elastic, not only protects against aging, it also forms a movie, so covers the skin gently. Has a high content of serine into amino acids and has a function that improves wrinkles. It is also rich in proline, regenerates the skin and gives it enough moisture to help keep dry skin moist. Promotes the capillary function of the skin, promotes metabolic smoothes the skin and restores healthy dermis, giving elasticity and shine to the skin.  * Sodium hyaluronate It is one of the ingredients natural moisturizers and is also called "acid hyaluronic. "It forms a thin, transparent film rent on the surface of the skin, which protects the skin from external stimuli and bacteria. Have a moisture content 6,000 times and gives elasticity to the skin.

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Tiara Gold Multi Premium Anti-Aging
Bifida Repair Serum

It provides a healthy golden glow to your skin. The bifidobact effluenteriano is conditioned by vitality. Helps keep skin alive. Contains silkworm extract, royal jelly extract, extract of ginseng, golden to make your skin moist and radiant.   Bifida is obtained by dissolving the fermentation product of the bacterias bifidas and is a component that helps the regeneration of the skin and to the strengthening of the cellular barrier. When the forked bacteria of lactic acid are fermented, the size of the particles is reduced due to the decomposition action of microorganisms in the process, which increases the absorption capacity of the skin. Too extracts amino acids and peptides that help in the elasticity of the skin to as it ferments, increasing the content of active ingredients.   Fermented seafood bifids rich in protein and organic acids can be used to take care of skin damage by balancing the balance of unbalanced skin and to provide care products for skin with Impregna collapsed skin the barrier and provides healthy resistance.

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