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Powder Mask

How to use:

  1. Powder (1): Mix in water (0.8) ratio.

  2. Spray the mixed powder on the face with a spatula and after 15-20 minutes, remove it from the bottom to the top.

  3. After removing it, apply the skin toner to the face and finish it.

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Modeling mask


Gold modeling mask

Gold - Modelling mask containing witch hazel extracts to help strengthen skin due to abundant amount of tannin ingredients. The Lycopene contained in apricot extracts known to be used for skin control by the Chinese beauty, Yang Guifei, to promote skin elasticity making skin appear younger and tighter.


Red modeling mask

Red - Modelling mask with teatree extract to moisturise and soothe tired and irritated skin. Cornus fruit extract gives a firming effect to give you soft and supple skin!


Black modeling mask

Black: Modelling mask containing Propolis extract, which is abundant of mineral and amino acid to form a water-oil balance film on your skin.
It includes charcoal power to keep your pores clear and healthy.

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Paper mask


● Honey


For clean and fresh skin. Niacinamide (vitamin B3), vitamin B5, tocopherol (vitamin E), vitamin B6, Vitamin C These five vitamin derivatives revitalize the skin.helps reduce.


● Centella Asiatica


For tired and sensitive skin. Gotu KOla contains a variety of rich vitamins and minerals.disinfects exposed skin, reduces sensi- tivity and irritation, calms down It keeps and moisturizes all day long. It moisturizes and brightens rough skin.


● Collagen


Anti-wrinkle, and elasticity. Collagen makes up 77% of the skin and greatly improves skin health and elasticity.greatly affects. Collagen is a protein derived from fish. A molecular structure is similar to human skin. It provides the skin with moisture and nourishes it.


● Hyaluronic 


For dry and tired skin. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that is produced in the skin and decreases over time.it dries from dryness and fatigue and prevents skin protein loss.It is the most suitable substance for more moist, vibrant, and smooth skin.