Bubble oxygen cleanser

The special character of inno+cell O2 Bubble Cleansing Pack in Gel type is designed to produce particular Oxygen bubble when they meet with air. The Oxygene bubble cleans most of effect and dirt from face skin and make it clean and vital.

Thoroughly spread the amount on a dry face. After 10 ~ 20 seconds, If a bubble occurs, rub it gently as you massage it then wash your face with warm water.

Peeling Gel

Cellulose removes dead skin cells and wastes and helps to turn over your skin while making it smooth. It also contains apple extract to brighten  the skin, and the flower extract keeps the skin moisturized.


After washing the face, apply it to the entire face, leave it for about 10 seconds, and massage gently. After massage, rinse with warm water. It is suitable to use once or twice a week. It can be adjusted according to the skin condition.

Sun Shield

The active ingredient6+

+-- protects skin from UV rays and harmful elements by double blocking UV / A and UV / B, and gives skin color tone with light color and helps to improve wrinkles.


Niacinamide and adenosine make skin white and elastic . Cordyceps extract strengthens the skin and has moisturizing effect, soothes tired skin with ultraviolet light and makes skin comfortable.

Fresh aloe vera sooting gel
Abundant in pure aloe, this product will soothe irritated skin after long exposure to sunlight or heat. It also neutralizes and moisturizes dry and seborrheic skin to keep it healthy.
It contains no harmful ingredients such as paraben, phenoxy ethanol, mineral oil, propylene glycol triethanolamine, benzopinone and artificial colors, so it is gentle and harmless to the skin.